True Calling™

Deep inside of you is a genius that is just waiting to be exposed.  Not just partially exposed…completely exposed.  It reminds you that it is there in many ways.  When you watch someone doing what you would love to do…when you look at your checkbook and know you aren’t maximizing your potential…or you are on the way home from another unfulfilling day at work which has left you frustrated and drained of energy… as you join the most important people in your life…with nothing left to give.

Sunday evenings may have long since lost their magic due to the weight of the job awaiting you on Monday…and perhaps the most frustrating moments are those when you know you are better than this… and you just don’t know what to do.  You have read self help books, taken online assessments and met with Career Coaches…and nothing has changed…you even changed jobs…and yet the feeling persists and the rat race continues.

When we pursue our True Calling™ based on our innate gifting, wiring and passions, we find that it’s effortless to build pertinent skills, to refine expertise and finally to polish our presentations, which enables us accomplish something great. People, who understand this, start off “happy” and work out the details from there.

Have you noticed how some people seem to accomplish great things effortlessly, time after time? They make it look so easy and they love it so much, that you just know: that person was “born to do that”. These are people who have discovered their True Calling™. That’s not to say that you can’t be successful doing something which is not your True Calling™, but rather that you can be more successful and thrive better when you do discover and work to achieve it.

Discovering your True Calling™ isn’t just about knowing what you were born to do, but also about knowing what you were born NOT to do. Just because you can does not mean you should.  There are some things that will waste your energy so much that they will prevent you from living to your fullest potential. Think of any really brilliant person, who is struggling to succeed in their True Calling™: you will certainly find that they are trying to use their intellect and energy to do other things that are contrary to their personal wiring.

Well…it is time to contact me and tell me your story.  I am Nathan Teegarden and I have been through many of the emotional trials above.  14 years ago I became frustrated after visiting many Career Counselors and Coaches who insisted they were each different and their model would work and yet it was all the same…and unfortunately they sent me right back to the rat race…different rat…same race.

So I began developing a proprietary methodology to help myself, and it worked, and over time it worked so well and was so energizing that I realized I had just discovered My True Calling™.

Friends inquired about it and a consulting firm hired me to apply my expertise in the workplace.  After several years and many clients I had the model perfected well enough to jump into my own business full time.

I named it True Calling™ and my mission is to help you discover Your True Calling™.  Now, 3000+ clients later it is the only methodology on the market today and it has resulted in 85% of my business coming in as referrals and a wonderful alumni network.

The program contains a Discovery and Fulfillment Program.  The Discovery Program will clearly indicate what you are really “hard wired” to do based upon your strengths, passions and skills, and you will exit the program with a clearly defined brand.

Fulfillment not only means identifying a new path but it also provides the “Action Plan” to help you get there while minimizing your cost and risk along the way. Ironically, your education and experience, although not the right fit, will be used, not wasted in your new vocation.

I am not a Career Counselor and I do not help you get another job as there are plenty of people out there who will help you do that.  I care, and care deeply, about helping you identify your True Calling™ and seeing you bring it to life.  When you uncover your genius it can transform your career and your life.

Whether you are a Baby Boomer, Gen X or Gen Y the process works.  Are you ready?  True Calling™ anything else is just a job.

© 2011 Nathan Teegarden
All rights reserved.