Complex vs. Simple

Steve Jobs had a mantra that defined Apples recent blockbuster products…keep it simple. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, of Amazon follows the same ideology.  Their companies easily lead their industries and are very profitable as well. So, why do other businesses, and individuals, work so hard to make their business so complicated … and therefore usually unprofitable? This “complex and unprofitable” vs. “simple and profitable” was on full display during our family vacation this fall.  Upon … [Read more...]

Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

As human beings we belong to the most advanced species on the planet. One of the many benefits of this superior chemistry is the ability to adapt to almost any situation. Thousands of years ago this adaptation meant life or death. Now in many cultures it just means thriving or just surviving. Due to this incredible ability to adapt and change over time we are here today in our present form with the hardwiring, intelligence and reasoning ability to do just about anything in the short term … [Read more...]

The Really High Cost of College

Several years ago I was invited to a university to give a career presentation and then visited a restaurant just off campus afterwards for dinner. My waiter was a young college student who found out why I was in town and did not hesitate to tell me that she had never visited her universities Career Services Center, and quite frankly, never would based upon the Centers reputation.Unfortunately, this is a story I hear regularly from college students, high school students and parents as … [Read more...]

Encore Performance – by Popular Demand

I just received the news from the Stacey Stern Show that her interview with me on March 15th did so well VoiceAmerica has decided to rerun it on July 5th. This is exciting in so many ways.  Stacey’s audience is growing rapidly and she is not just a special human being and talented talk show host – she is also an alumnus of True Calling™. You can listen to her live out her True Calling every Tuesday at . She will be featured on an upcoming post on my website under … [Read more...]

My True Calling™

What is My True Calling™? You may have asked yourself this question and you certainly have friends and family members who have as well.  It is one of those “life questions” that we try hard to ignore, however it constantly reminds you in so many ways, that it is there searching for recognition and fulfillment. The reminders come in all shapes and sizes.  There are the nice reminders that pop into your mind as you watch a movie, or listen to your favorite song… gently nudging you to take … [Read more...]