Jeff Jaacks

Jeff Jaacks is a geochemist by training and received a doctorate degree from the Colorado School of Mines. Throughout his professional career, he has worked both domestically and internationally as a chief scientist and geochemist / geologist for a variety of companies, predominantly providing services to the mining community. Here is Jeff Jaacks' True Calling™ Success Story: After being laid off from my position as chief geochemist at the Broken Hill Proprietary Company (BHP), then the … [Read more...]

Keith Bergeron

Keith Bergeron, a Telecom, Cloud, & Program Management Expert, has been on a rocket ride since meeting Nathan 10 years ago. His latest adventure is just beginning ... Here is Keith Bergeron's True Calling™ Success Story: I first met Nathan in 2002 when I was leaving a job as a Vice President at American Management Systems in their telecommunications group. As part of the severance package I received, I was offered six months of placement services with an agency. Nathan was one of the … [Read more...]

Michael Carter

Michael Carter, a professional athlete and a Colorado native, draws from his 30 years of cycling experience to help his clients become the best cyclists they can be. Michael raced in all three Grand Tours (The Tour De France, The Giro Di Italia and Vuelta Espagna), he also worked five years as a Director Sportif including Pro Continental Team Type 1 Sanofi. Michael has coached State, National, World Champions and Olympians. Michael is also a former Head Coach for USA Cycling and is currently … [Read more...]

Alex Ray

Alex Ray has created a niche in the Austin, Texas, real estate market by specializing as an apartment locator in off-campus housing near the University of Texas and apartments located within a short walking distance of a UT bus route. He created a website,, dedicated to serving this segment. Alex is a graduate of UT-Austin (B.S. 2008). Here is Alex Ray’s True Calling™ Success Story: I’ve always been interested in business, and even though I majored in Kinesiology at the … [Read more...]

Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen is an author, consultant, and speaker whose book ACT Like a Sales Pro was published in August 2011 and quickly became the #1 Hot New Release in Sales and Selling on Amazon and a Top 60 New Business Book. Julie combines her passion for acting with her sales background to share an innovative approach of applying strategic acting and improv techniques in business to sell quickly and effectively. She is the founder of Acting for Sales and on the expert contributor panel of Entrepreneur … [Read more...]