The True Calling™ Program for Students

“44% of students choose a major based on earnings potential, family demands, or time pressures”

“6 out of 10 students change their major before graduating”

Clearly, the existing practices in today’s education system are not working. Young athletes have ten times the coaching, skill testing, aptitude testing, customized nutrition and training programs for sports then young adults have seeking the same clarity on profession, position and pride.

In fact, most young adults are making $200,000 dollar decisions (cost of education) based on overtaxed guidance counselors, parental bias, financial requisites or peer subjectivity and not on empirical and processed data based on their strengths and passions where they would be most successful in life.

Do your students:

  • Leverage their “proven” strengths to life
  • Apply their innate passions to pursuits
  • Know which vocations will bring them joy and why
  • Understand the training and curriculum that will get them there
  • Develop a linear road map to get them there
  • Establish a disciplined focus for best in class

The True Calling™ Fulfillment Program for students:

  • Discovery overlay to future tense
  • Target analysis of potential vocations
  • Expert interviews with incumbent professionals
  • Curriculum selection and analysis
  • Trade off reality check
  • Annual assessment, update and focus tool

“The sooner the destination is defined, the sooner the path can be projected.”

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