“Nathan’s approach is the most refreshing of any consultant I’ve ever worked with. We uncovered three true callings in my life. These are in no particular order; working with doctors, public speaking and anything to do with boating. 10 years later I own a business that provides services to eye doctors, I’m also an executive with a company that manufactures technology for eye doctors, I lecture regularly to both business and nonbusiness audiences and I live in Florida and my boat is 50 feet out my back door.

As Nathan often says “it is difficult to compete with you when you are working from your strength”.”

Duane Morrison

“I learned more from Nathan in three hours than four years in college. His program was a great investment, as it directly targets time and quality of life and business potential.”

Zach Frisch
Venture Capitalist & Entrepreneur

“Nathan is living his True CallingTM, much to his clients’ benefit. In addition to being insightful, Nathan is a healthy combination of upbeat and patient with the discovery process. Collaborating with him was terrific, and I am thrilled to be living my professional True CallingTM.”

Stacey Stern
Host, The Stacey Stern Show ~ Enriching You

“Nathan has a unique gift for helping people better understand themselves in order to lead a more rich and energetic business and personal life. I like the program so much that I gave it as a gift to my wife.”

J. Drever

“There are only a handful of events that I can truly say have changed my life; my marriage to my beautiful wife, the birth of my precious son and daughter, and meeting Nathan Teegarden at Dynimus. This is how important and life changing it has been to work with Nathan.

To say that I had no idea what I wanted to do with my career is perhaps the greatest understatement ever spoken. Since my graduation from college I had literally fallen into my jobs. I took them not because they were interesting or I thought I would enjoy them, but more for the fact they would give me a paycheck.

Approximately 13 years ago I stumbled into a job with a large insurance company in their group sales department. I did fairly well financially but hated most of my time there; spent most of it hitting my head against the wall. I had no passion for the business and more directly the way clients were treated by large insurance carriers. After nearly 5 years and untold stress I had the good fortune of a regime change in management and left happily. Unfortunately, I had no idea what I wanted to do in my career but had a wealth of insurance industry knowledge and a fairly successful sales record; back to insurance I went.

Fast forward several years and several job changes later to 2008. It was then I decided to start my own business from home; an insurance business. After several years of negligible success and even deeper frustration I gave up on the business and found myself more lost than ever before. I had a library of books on how to “do what you love” but they only seemed to make the situation worse. It was then that I found Nathan and made perhaps the best career decision of my life.

For many people it seems hard to fathom not knowing what one wants to do with their career. For me, it was more than a few bad job choices and uninformed decisions that had shaped my professional life. I had no idea what to do and where to go; the only thing I did know was I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing for the rest of my life.

I cannot begin to explain how beneficial the entire program was for me and my situation. The most difficult aspect was working through 15 years of wrong decisions. Nathan was there at every step, guiding me along the way and uncovering things I hadn’t thought about in decades; never telling me the path but helping me discover. While the entire program was 100% beneficial, this is perhaps the greatest benefit I received; a guide down a personal path of discovery. After so many years of making the wrong decision it was difficult for me to see the path laid right before me.

The role of a good coach is not to push you in a direction, but help you find it on your own and Nathan is a master at this. To say Nathan was guide is not entirely accurate. A guide tells you where to go whereas Nathan was perhaps behind me and when I came to a juncture, instead of pointing the way would merely say “based on this information, which way do you think is best for you?” After weeks of working together it was literally an epiphany. What I was looking for was there all along just waiting to be uncovered; right before my eyes, hidden through years of doubt and fear. Nathan’s program should be a required course for all high school seniors. The amount of money and time that could be saved if young students could find their passion BEFORE they go to college is staggering.

The highest compliment I can pay Nathan is quite simply this: Once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now I see.

So how does my story end? Actually, it is just the beginning! After many hours of work with Nathan I discovered my passion had been there all the time. I was doing it in my spare time and weekends. I leapt full force into my new career and cannot be happier. I am doing what I was meant to do and have already had tremendous success in a very short time. I tell my kids that Daddy has to go to work but I really have a lot of fun, so it really isn’t work! I have absolutely no experience in my new field but was able to pitch my new employer with so much enthusiasm and passion he had no choice but to hire me. I have already had a huge degree of success and good things just keep happening. The power of passion can do amazing things! Where there was doubt, shall now be confidence. Where there was no direction, now shall be direction. Where there was drudgery, now shall be passion. Follow your heart and passion and you will succeed at whatever you do, this is the power Nathan can unleash. Awaken the passion within and your life will be filled with joy and success. All my best.”

Robb Johnston

“Nathan and the “True CallingTM” approach delivered powerful tools that tapped into my innateness and the possibilities. The process and interaction involved tried-and-true assessments coupled with real open-ended questions and conversations that created an atmosphere of motivation and achievable next steps. In bringing this all together, it allowed me to get a handle on my strengths, interests, skills and preferences as well as generate possibilities. There are things I know about myself and places I think I want to go, but the experience with Nathan was catalytic and has given me the tools, context and focus to launch me and keep me on my path to my “True CallingTM“.”

M. Rozinsky

“My husband and I moved to Brussels at the end of December so I could go to Boston University – EU campus. BU Brussels offers a Masters program in Leadership as well as a second degree in International Relations. They only offer this at the EU campus. It was a perfect excuse to move to Europe, be closer to my husband’s family, and study french. I am really enjoying my studies and my husband was able to keep his engineering job in CA and help set up an EU sector. I want to thank you for working with me and encouraging me to take advantage of my resources and place in life. At the end of Dec 2011 we will be permanently living in Boston.”

Kate Machett

“I really feel like I have the necessary materials and resources given to me by True CallingTM to be able to start my own business and make it as successful as I choose. It was helpful to take the three assessments prior to our first meeting so that no time was wasted determining what type of person I am. I am impressed with the fact that I can use a lot of the test result information in my marketing materials. Nathan was very thorough and was as excited about my new career as I am. You can tell that TrueCallingTM is truly Nathan’s passion and his encouragement and enthusiasm is contagious.”

Jane Lee

“This week I had an important client meeting for potential contract work. I was nervous about the meeting, thinking I would have to do a lot of talking and selling myself, but Nathan urged me to think in terms of needing a base hit as opposed to a home run because I had already impressed the client with my samples. He was right. I spent much more time listening in the meeting than speaking and came away as their preferred resource for my type of work.”

David Lansdon

“I have had the pleasure of Nathan taking me through his course and cannot say how impressed I was with the accuracy of his analysis of my strengths and weaknesses. He has helped me build myself by giving me guidance where needed most. He gives practical advice for every day applications and really goes the extra mile to make sure that it is understood in down to earth, easy to understand language.”

Johan Kemp

“I got to know myself and my spouse better through this process. I will always have a better understanding of why I am the way I am and embrace it rather than look at it as a hindrance. I also knew that there where times in life that things didn’t feel “right”….now I know why.

Secondly, this process helped me figure out what would really energize me for life! And how to think of life as work and fun. Work should not be a place we spend 40 hours a week it should be as energizing as a vacation!

Lastly, through the discovery of my True CallingTM and my personality traits, Nathan gave helpful hints and advise on how to deal with day-to-day issues in life and work. His tidbits really helped me maximize my present situation while I figure out how to get my company off the ground!”

Keely Drever

“The program helped me recognize my strengths, passions, and energy drivers which will definitely allow me to focus my job search from here on out. I now know what I should be looking for in my career in a much more concrete way than I ever did before. Prior to this experience, I always thought my personality did not truly fit together, and I couldn’t really visualize how I could incorporate my passions into a career – I figured on some levels I would just have to settle. Working with you has shown me that there is no reason to settle. With your help, I now see exactly how my personality fits together, and how it actually compliments my passions and my strengths. I feel confident in the direction I am hoping to take my career, and know eventually the work I have done during the Discovery Phase will allow me to realize my true calling. Thank you!”

Lindsay Erickson

“I entered the program after learning that I was being laid-off from my employer. When I began, I was focused on replacing my job. I went from focusing on finding a job to looking for an opportunity that was a perfect fit for me. Nathan encouraged me to not limit myself by focusing on the fear of not finding a job and helped me to clarify what I really was looking for in my next position. It was from this perspective that I was able to open myself to being  patient with the process and in tune with what it was I was really looking for. And the best part… I found it and I couldn’t be more excited to get started!.”

Stephanie Herman