“I wanted to take this opportunity to endorse Nathan Teegarden as an individual and endorse his business, True Calling™. I have known Nathan personally and professionally for many years. He is most distinguishable for his quiet strength of character, exhibiting extraordinary integrity, wisdom, humility and heart. Nathan is one of the more visionary and capable men you or I will ever meet and is also one of the most likeable and trustworthy.

Two of our own grown children have gone through his program and it literally changed the direction of their lives in ways which have now (some years later) proven profoundly correct in guiding each of them on a career path. More importantly, Nathan’s work with each of them taught them how to apply their talents and gifts to areas of work and life where they had a deep passion, resulting in a sense of purpose and an abiding happiness for each of them Such results are a treasure in the life of anyone. I believe Nathan can help anyone who is honest enough to work candidly with him discover these same treasures for himself/herself. I do not hesitate to give him my highest regard and recommendation.”

Ron Robinson
Attorney & parent

“Growing up, hobbies and athletics were encouraged by my family, but the main goal was always to get a college degree.  It didn’t really matter in what, but that was the ultimate goal.  Going to a college-prep type high-school, this is also the view that was taken on by most of my academic counselors.  Although I pursued my interests and had a vague sense of what I would enjoy doing, based mostly on knowing what I didn’t enjoy doing, I had no idea what I would pursue as a career and it seemed that finding that for me wasn’t a priority for the “career counselors” I encountered.  Even in college, many of them were interested in helping students find jobs, but careers didn’t seem to be their priority, despite their titles.

I was fortunate to have my first post-college employer sponsor and support participation in True Calling™ because at my age, my level of responsibilities is pretty low and my ability to truly make a difference in my life by starting a career I was passionate about at an early age.  I had never taken personality tests that helped explain to me why I was the way I was, and it helped put things in perspective.  Becoming more self-aware and realizing intrinsic traits, both in myself and others, has enabled me to be a better person, in addition to a better co-worker, employee, and leader.  I am excited to pursue a career that I am passionate about and I am grateful to Nathan and True Calling™ for contributing to so much of personal and professional development during the last two years.”

Araceli Ortiz
MBA Student Stanford University

“Nathan’s assistance was instrumental in not only finding job opportunities but most importantly what to look for and consider when selecting the right offer.  Venturing through the True Calling™ Discovery program, made me truly understand my skill set and passions and why finding a career which fulfills each is so important.  I learned through the Fulfillment program how to utilize my professional assets, how to work effectively with different personalities and how to leverage my leadership qualities.

Compared to other career counseling professionals I have worked with, Nathan makes the experience personal and advocates for a work-life balance that is necessary to enjoy your career.  He points out that the place you live and your family life need to drive you and make you happy.

Nathan has an outstanding ability to read people, find and support their inner passions, and challenges them to be happy.  His open and comfortable communicative approach facilitates constructive personal and professional assessments with the overall goal of improving the client’s confidence and improving their marketability.”

Dan McKegney | Executive Director
The First Tee of the Tri-Valley
Pleasanton, CA

“Thanks for you and your True Calling™ Program!  I have good news…I was offered a job on Monday and accepted it yesterday.  I’m going to be the Associate Director of Grants & Alumni Relations at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst, NC.  The salary range is great and they are going to pay for a Master’s Degree, the benefits are great, and it’s in North Carolina only 45 minutes away from my parents and girlfriend!  Plus, I am in the process of negotiating an increase in the amount of relocation assistance that they are going to give me to move from Colorado to North Carolina.

I wanted to thank you for all the help that you gave us throughout the True Calling™ program, because “know thyself”, the interview tips, negotiating strategies, and resume/cover letter building advice and techniques really helped me stand out against the other 200 or so candidates that had a lot more experience in this field than I do.  Thanks!”

Bryan Patterson
Second Year Fellow
United States Golf Association

“Nathan Teegarden and True Calling™ greatly aided me in my search for my profession. Though I had always had a passion for the Culinary Arts, he was able to help me, through assessments and worksheets, crystallize in my mind what my true calling in life is. I am greatly indebted to him for his excellent service and sage advice.”

Morgan Harrison, College Student

“Nathan was my first professional career coach, and I was incredibly happy with his approach and the results. He helped me identify my personal strengths and also what career goals interested me. After those two steps, he helped me utilize my strengths in a way that would allow me to pursue my career goals. He was organized, thorough, and passionate about his work. Thanks Nathan, I still have and use your True Calling Student Profile in law school.”

Beale Tejada

“Nathan was instrumental in me matching my strengths and passions with my career aspirations. Very professional and effective – I am now on the right path and school fits!.”

Yaro Hetman, MBA Student
Darden Business School, University of Virginia

“Nathan is a joy to work with! His creative, innovative approach helped me to align my skill set with my passions in order to pursue a career that can only be described as my “true calling

Rebecca Calderara, USGA Fellow

“Nathan’s commitment to his clients and unwavering enthusiasm for our true callings is contagious and definitely motivating. He opened my eyes to opportunities and possibilities I hadn’t considered, and really helped me to stay focused on those things that I do best. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Nathan and feel that I’m now on the right path because of him! Thank you Nathan!”

Alex Ray, USGA Fellow